Liquefaction Flow Slide Analysis with DAN Utilizing the Liquefied Rheology

This article describes a study applying the numerical code DAN (Hungr 1995) to the motion of earthquake-triggered flow slides in loose, saturated granular soils. A series of analyses of liquefied flow slide case histories are performed utilizing the most recent developments in the DAN code. A new type of rheological kernel is introduced to simulate the behaviour of liquefied soil, based on the work of Olson and Stark (2002).

Cross, R.A. 2013. “Liquefaction Flow Slide Analysis with DAN Utilizing the Liquefied Rheology,” in: 4th Canadian Young Geotechnical Engineers and Geoscientists Conference CYGEGC, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, October 3-6, 2013. Montreal: Canadian Geotechnical Society.

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